Grane 8325 CH - Chipper Harvester

The Silvatec Grane 8325 CH chipper is the spearhead of a unique industrial chipping concept designed to deliver large quantities of chips for use as bio-fuel. The concept was initially developed in cooperation with the largest supplier of wood chips in Denmark – Danish forest managing and contracting company, Hededanmark – and offers the most efficient and economical logistic setup available in the market to retrieve bio mass in the forest and deliver finished chips at roadside either in stacks or containers ready for road transport.

Apart from a larger chip container (20m3), the Silvatec Grane 8325CH chipper features significant novelties in its most recent version, benefiting from increased harmonization and lessons-learned from the Sleipner line. The chipper comes with a large engine (240 kW) for increased transmission torque and traction power, IQAN control system to control engine, crane and chipper feeding mechanism, larger NAF bogies for increased terrain handling capabilities and 700 tyres to keep ground pressure down.

The Silvatec chipping concept

The Silvatec chipping concept has proved itself over more than 20 years as an efficient, low cost platform for industrial production of high quality bio-fuel chips for heating plants. The unique benefits are obtained through chipping directly in the forest where the trees have been felled without being delimbed, thus eliminating unnecessary transportation of “empty volume” or suffering a loss of potentially profitable bio mass’ that would otherwise follow from delimbing and forwarding of logs to roadside chipping locations. Bio mass in tree crowns and branches may add up to as much as 25% in extra chip volume with no extra effort.

Advantages of the chipping concept:


  • Efficient and profitable down to 80 cbm per hectare – Fast reload, less driving.
  • Handling of chips is much easier than handling trees and reduces driving in the forest: 1 load (20 cbm) of  chips is equal to 2-3 loads with trees.
  • Better utilization of trees and branches, savings of branch crushing.
  • Better quality chips: below 35% moisture content, while the nutritious parts stay in the forest (needles and leaves). 

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Grane Chipper Harvester 8325 CH

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