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"Sleipner" - The timber harvesting line

Sleipner is the strongest horse among both gods and humans in Nordic mythology and is easily recognized by its 8 legs. Even the master of all gods, Odin, chose Sleipner as his horse to face the most difficult challenges. In that spirit, the Silvatec “Sleipner” harvesters and forwarders have been designed and developed exclusively as 8-wheeled machine with a very low center of gravity and very narrow machine width, in order to make it exceptionally maneuverable in the forests, while still retaining its class-leading ground clearance. The Sleipners have been developed and refined over years in close cooperation with experienced forest operators in order to make each working day in the forest as pleasant and efficient as possible. Specifically the harvester is extremely versatile and is capable of a variety of different tasks, such as thinning, clear-felling, feller bunching, specifically when operating on steep slopes (up to 45⁰) and wet areas.


"Grane" - the biomass line

In Nordic mythology, “Grane” is Sleipner’s son and like the father, it is a similarly powerful “fighting horse” on eight legs, though in different “battlesfields”. Silvatec’s Grane-line is dedicated to the growing field of bio-mass production directly in the forest. While tackling the specific requirements of chip production in yound stands, the machines rely in their main technical performance areas strongly on the proven concepts of Sleipner. The Grane self-propelling wood chippers in combination with a chip-forwarder are the spearheads of an industry-unique chipping concept, that is unrivalled now since almost 20 years. The unique industrial chipping concept is designed to deliver large quantities of chips for use as bio-fuel. In the most efficient and economical logistic setup to retrieve bio mass directly in the forest and deliver finished chips ready for road transport.