Mission and Targets

Leading the niche of high-performance harvesting and wood-chipping machinery

In the “niche” of the market where customers demand more than the standard solutions, we are clearly and self-confidently exploiting our position as medium-sized, but flexible and lean expert company to the benefit of our customers.

proven technology and concepts

Close interworking with forest operators over the last 30 years have guided us the way to permanent optimization of our machinery. By that, we are able to offer to the market a fully modular family of forestry machinery, based on proven technological building blocks - wherein each building block itself is optimized to maximum performance, altogether leading ultimately to configurable high-performance machines with lots of variants and additional options at a competitive price.

Experienced and innovative

All machines are configured, assembled and thoroughly tested at our factory in Farsø by highly-skilled engineers and mechanics with a long-term experience in the fields. Many of those have been working almost as long as the company exists, but we also constantly “refresh" the know-how and dynamics with apprenticeships, students and other new people. This ensures a constant interchange between experience and revolution.

unrivalled investment protection

As our customers are long-term partners, we take specifically care to keep our customer’s investments safe. Silvatec products proved to retain highest resale value even after long and heavy utilization in the forests. Our combination of manufacturing and service facilities enables us on top of this to check, refurbish and revitalize used machines to a very high standard. With the label “Silvatec Factory Warranted”, you get second-hand machines at highest, producer-backed up repair and refurbishment standards. With our “Silvatec LifeExtender” service package, we additionally prolong sparepart availability and serviceability for machines far beyond the normal market life cycle of forestry machinery.

Individual and customized

Beyond the field-proven modular selection of high-performance machines, the lean and direct setup of our company makes the difference when it comes to fulfillment of particular customer demands. With lots of unique, customized machines built over the last decades, we can realize almost every special customization need. The close interworking among our engineering, production and service departments ensures that “special solutions” built one time find their way into our overall product development roadmaps, if demanded from the market. Every customization is managed as a “project” and always based on the proven fundaments of our modular base machines.

perfect serviceability

Even the best performing machines just gain their real value when backed up by strong service capabilities. Combined with our production facilities, we run Denmark`s largest forestry equipment service centre. Together with an increasing network of Silvatec-trained and approved service partners we ensure workshop and in-forest service throughout the entire long lifetime of our machines. We´re fully committed to our products, and together with our Europe-wide partner network we deliver a complete service program that meets any customer’s needs.