Our history - 30 years of experience

Silvatec Skovmaskiner A/S was incorporated in Hornum near Aars in 1984 as a partnership between Det Danske Hedeselskab and a local machine shop specializing in forestry machine rebuilds.

Silvatec was founded to meet a growing need for mechanization of the forest industry. From its incorporation and until 2006 the company was run by Hedeselskabet, and during the period Silvatec developed from being a company that manufactured harvesting heads – the first model reached the market in 1987 – to one that boasts an ever more advanced range of high-performance forestry equipment and self-propelled chippers.

When the Russian global player "Concern Tractor Plants" acquired the majority of stakes in 2006 and became sole owner in 2008, Silvatec entered into its next level of globalization: Embedded as high-tech asset into one of the largest producers of heavy machinery in the Russian Federation, Silvatec extended its access to the largest forestry markets in the world and became an integral part of a powerful network of engineering, manufacturing and distribution companies - specialized in heavy-duty machinery like Silvatec from its very beginning!