Cooperation & Innovation

A widely spread network of co-operations and partnerships documents the high focus on innovation and knowledge expansion at Silvatec. Numerous national and international co-operations with research institutes, high-tech companies but also close co-operation with customers, suppliers and the many expert companies within the Concern Tractor Plants group ensure that Silvatec always keep up with the latest developments and create added value for the customers.


The vehicle industry company RTC is an organization, founded in year 2000 by car industries companies in Slovenia. It employs top experts with more than 50 years of tradition in the car industry. RTC, together with specialized suppliers and research institutions, advices, develops, designs, builds prototypes, tests and introduces the products produced according to customer demands. RTC offers services in the research and development area, connects companies on different projects, advices companies regarding business directions, provides help with development. RTC also provides education services, standards and guidelines for their work area. In close inter-working, RTC is developing together with Silvatec under the EUREKA-awarded "ECO Forestry Machines" program the next generation of forestry machines. RTC is responsible for design and research as well as development work, with many innovations and technical improvements added on top of Silvatec's own 30 years of expertise.

Cooperation with education institutes and universities

At Silvatec, we maintain a constant dialogue with the future. Therefore, student projects and internships are a central element of our approach to know-how exchange with universities and education institutions. In majority, the cooperation focuses on concrete product study projects, permitting students to apply their theoretical knowledge on concrete Silvatec product prototypes, which are designed, built and tested together with them and the Silvatec experts in the factory. In our transformation, we also increasingly cooperate with economics institutes with major emphasis on supply chain management, organizational transformation and financial optimization approaches.